Erban Development gets your spaces working harder for you.

We think about not having a room for every function, but getting one room to have many functions. We create clever flexibility and make space appear open-ended.

We consider your needs and envisage the blending of purpose and make you feel more connected. Creating two living spaces, for example, the lounge room and the family room into one space that has the ability to adapt. Can be closed off or opened up so the space can multi task for you.

We make smart recommendations and consider every aspect. Erban development design space to be clever and compact. We efficiently plan; looking at how we can make your space feel generous and open plan.

Small block building

We are in the southern hemisphere. So we consider and look at where north is and how the sun is moving through the sky for your site.

Getting your living areas oriented to the north or north-east will make a radical difference in the quality of light that you experience and how you feel internally.

We plan things to shade from high level summer sun, so that you don’t get those heat loads in your spaces in summer, using awnings and external shading.

compact block building

We are not only looking at the light, but look at volume. By volume we mean what are your ceiling heights and how is that ceiling potentially shaped in order to make the space feel more generous than its floor plan looks.

We recommend a minimum ceiling height, particularly in single level houses, of 2.7m. That’s nine feet. That will help you then have 2.4m high glazing, which is your maximum height for all residential aluminium framed glazing. This will help you get the most out of your construction and building materials. This will enhance that generosity and spaciousness in your floor plan.

Compact block building erban developmentOn a compact site, and a compact home, your ability to borrow as much space from outside – not just from your lot, but from the views beyond your lot – make a massive difference in how spacious your home can feel.

Erban Development look at what your indoor/outdoor connections are. How we can make them work so that your internal spaces flow really easily into your outdoor spaces. We make plan so you can get really long, clean views of sight into your garden and your outdoor spaces. So you can have a good physical connections into your outdoor spaces so that you feel your home flows into your garden and that those indoor spaces are connected to your garden as much as possible.

Then we overlay that with how you maintain your privacy. Not being overlooked by your neighbours and not looking into your neighbours as well. Combining those things is really important. Erban development get that. We understand the need for you to feel that you’ve got privacy too.

We also think about what your views are past your neighbours. Views of sky and views out to the street, so that you get that really great sense of spaciousness and openness but borrowing from what’s outside of your home to bring it inside.

Please get in touch to find out how we can work with you to design & build a custom home that meets your needs, now and long into the future.