Using passive solar design to reduce energy costs & benefit the environment

Reduce energy costs and benefit the environment

Everyone is keen to do the most they can for the environment and also to reduce their energy costs. When building your home it is essential to utilise the free resources of sun and wind to help keep your home at a consistent and comfortable temperature all year round. In addition to looking after the environment, building a home to utilise the free resources of sun and wind can also reduce ongoing power costs.

Ultimately, the aim is to minimise winter heat loss and maximise winter heat gain whilst also ensuring that summer heat is minimised and not exacerbated.

Passive solar design is relatively inexpensive when designed into a new home or addition. It can be achieved with many different building and construction types. It is appropriate for all climates where winter heating is required.

Some of the many important things to consider to achieve a successful passive solar design are:

  • Attention to correct orientation during design
  • Appropriate glazing and door selections
  • Insulation and sealing
  • Landscaping design
  • Minimising air infiltration
  • Planning carefully around typical seasonal winds
  • Wall design mass and insulation
  • Window treatments
  • Heat extraction systems for the ceiling and house
  • Shading solutions
  • In floor heating systems

Passive solar design resources

Here are some resources to help with your passive solar design decisions:

Erban Development can help to make sure passive solar design is efficiently incorporated into your home at the outset.

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